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Experience what it's like to be propelled up to 30 feet in the air.

How It Works

The FLYBOARD harnesses powerful jets of water to launch wearers as high as 30 ft. in the air above the water’s surface. On the top of the board are two boots for your feet to slip into, while the bottom holds two jets that supply the bulk of the propulsion. Two less powerful handheld jets help stabilize your flight and allow you to perform turns, flips, and dives midair—think of all four of the jets acting as sturdy but bendy stilts, similar to giraffes’ legs.

All FLYBOARD must be connected to a personal watercraft, such as a jet ski via a hose, which supplies the water and horsepower. The contraption emits 1,000 gallons of water each minute and can generate about 400 pounds of lift.

Don’t miss out on the ultimate water adventure during your Miami Beach vacation. Book a FLYBOARD now!


Group & military discounts available. Call (305) 762­-2258 for more information.