Miami Beach Flyboard

Unique Beachfront Water Sports


The Flyboard harnesses powerful jets of water to launch you as high as 30 feet in the air above the water’s surface—where you can perform turns, flips, and dives midair.


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4 people flyboarding against Miami city background

About Us

At Miami Beach Flyboard & Jet Ski Rental, we provide uniquely fun experiences with top-notch, safe equipment, under the guidance of certified trainers. Soar through the air on one of our state-of-the-art Flyboards for an unforgettable experience or ride the waves on our newest model Yamaha Jet Skis. Whatever you choose, you’ll be sure to have an exciting water adventure of a lifetime.

Why Flyboard?

Here are just a few of our favorite reasons:
  1. Enjoy the beautiful outdoor weather in a peaceful setting
  2. Have fun while getting in a great workout
  3. Experience the chance to live life to the fullest
  4. Make your friends and family jealous with awesome pictures