About us – MIA Beach Flyboard & Jet Ski Rental

Here at MIA Beach Flyboard & Jet Ski Rental we’re all about safety and fun! Whether your looking to soar through the air on one of our latest and newest model Flyboard or catch some sun and waves on our newest model yamaha Jet Skis our mission is to introduce thrilling and exciting extreme watersports to many people from all around the world! We strive to provide “The Ultimate Experience” for our customers with new and amazing water jet technology and Jet Skis. Our certified trainers provides easy taught instructions on how to operate the Flyboard safely and also the easiest instructions on how to ride and control a Jet Ski on the water. We are dedicated to giving our customers the most prompt, courteous and friendly service possible.

The best part about our company is that we get a chance to give an experience that provides excitement and happiness to others. There is nothing better than seeing our customers with the biggest smile after they have successfully learned how to Flyboard or operate a Jet Ski. When you fly with us here at MIA Beach Flyboard & Jet Ski Rental rest assure you are getting the full experience while our professional and friendly instructors ensure your experience is unforgettable.

Much thanks from us all,

MIA Beach Flyboard & Jet Ski Rental